Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes With Weight Loss?

Losing weight is helpful in many ways. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves our mental health, and leads to better posture. 

But can type 2 diabetes be reversed through weight loss? Let’s talk about it.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition characterized by an inability to control blood sugar levels.  

Under normal circumstances, eating causes the body to release insulin and transport glucose to various body cells. Insulin primarily controls blood sugar but also impacts fatty and amino acids.  

In people with diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t release enough insulin, or the body cannot use the hormone effectively. As a result, blood sugar levels remain elevated, leading to various health complications. 

People with type 2 diabetes may begin with lifestyle interventions to control their blood sugar levels: following a special meal plan, exercising, losing weight, and taking antidiabetic medications.  

If these approaches don’t result in healthy blood glucose, insulin injections might be necessary to compensate for the lower insulin production. 

Can Type 2 Diabetes be Reversed With Weight Loss?

scale with health-related items on top (water bottle, tape measurer, weight, and fruit)

To answer the question, we must first understand what actual reversal means. Contrary to what some people believe, reversing type 2 diabetes doesn’t mean curing the disease and enjoying permanent benefits without doing any work. 

Reversal means going into remission, where you maintain healthy blood sugar levels without taking medication. Doing so is entirely possible but requires consistent effort and careful monitoring of overall health and symptoms. 

According to data, weight loss appears to be the most effective way to reverse type 2 diabetes. People who lose weight soon after their diagnosis are more likely to go into remission, but even those who have had the condition for decades have a chance. 

Even if a person doesn’t go into remission, weight loss can help them: 

        • Manage the condition with fewer medications 
        • Maintain healthier blood sugar levels 
        • Be at a lower risk of health complications 

Practical Weight Loss Tips to Apply Right Away

1. Go On a Structured Exercise Program

Regular exercise is mandatory for effective weight loss: 

      • It helps you burn calories to promote fat loss 
      • It allows you to maintain more lean tissue during weight loss 
      • It can have favorable effects on appetite, allowing you to gauge fullness and hunger 

Plus, exercise can directly reduce blood glucose, increasing the chance of reversing type 2 diabetes. 

2. Start Using a Food Journal

Having a food journal is an excellent way to keep yourself in check and know exactly how much food you eat daily. 

A journal lays it out and makes it easier to see what nutritional changes you can make to start losing weight and reverse diabetes. 

3. Get At Least Seven Hours of Sleep Per Night

Sleep might not seem that important, but it is, and for two reasons: 

First, good sleep promotes weight loss. It helps your body burn fat more effectively, contributes to your well-being, and regulates your appetite. 

Second, some data suggests that adequate sleep is necessary for optimal fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Sleep deprivation can make your body more likely to use muscle tissue for energy, leaving more fat on your body and glucose in your blood.