Diabetes: It’s not all bad!

Diabetes: It's not all bad!

At first, having diabetes can seem like it only has downsides. However, you’ll be surprised by the benefits of having diabetes. These unexpected “perks” of being diabetic are pretty rewarding – whether it’s discounted event tickets or being able to bring food wherever you wish. 

Everyone with diabetes can benefit from these so-call perks, with some using more than others. To see our top 4 benefits of having diabetes, see the below post: 

1. Free entry to national parks

In the US, 423 national parks span 84 million acres. As a person with diabetes, you’re legible for free lifetime admittance in each park. The reason is that you’re identified with a “disability.” 

For diabetics, this perk is excellent. We all know how difficult it is to exercise or experience nature without worrying about your blood glucose levels. Therefore, having the extra benefits of it being free will hopefully ease the mind of some diabetics and encourage them to get out into nature. 

2. You can bring food anywhere

two people sharing a slice of watermelon

Nutrition is an important part of reducing the severity of diabetes. Because of this, you can literally bring food anywhere. Usually, it would be restricted to movie theatres, concerts, classrooms, meetings, and retail stores, but for diabetics, it’s okay.

This doesn’t only allow you to snack whenever you want, but it also helps save money. Instead of visiting a theme park and spending $20 on a small hotdog, you can bring your own affordable snacks to enjoy. 

3. Disability Access Service (DAS) at Disneyland

Disney castle

Disneyland is a magical and wonderful place where dreams come true. However, have you ever felt like the theme park is too busy? Luckily, diabetics can apply for a Disability Access Service (DAS) program to access free, fast tracking on all rides. 

Because of this generous gift from Disney Parks, you don’t need to tolerate long waits in conventional queues. Instead, you’ll wait for shorter periods, have extra time to visit rides around the park, and, most notably, have more fun. 

4. Opportunities for clinical research trials

scientist looking through microscope

There are many “perks” of having type 1 or 2 diabetes. However, one that only gets mentioned a little is the opportunities for enrolling in clinical research trials. 

For those unfamiliar, clinical trials are human research studies that try to evaluate a medicinal, surgical, or behavioral intervention. They’re the primary method by which researchers determine if a new treatment, such as a new medicine, diet, or medical equipment (such as a pacemaker), is safe and effective on humans.

Because of your efforts in supporting clinical research trials, you’ll also get paid. At My Prosciento Study, we pay everyone, from referrals to actual clinical participants. 

Can you live a good life with diabetes?

Though discovering that you have diabetes can seem unmotivating, discouraging, or upsetting, there are perks to having this medical issue. In most places worldwide, it’s recognized as a disability, granting you access to some disability-based perks (such as DAS at Disney). 

Therefore, when people ask, “can you live a good life with diabetes?” we say, “yes.” Although it can cause some health complications, you also get treated to additional perks daily, from free entry to national parks to even earning more money from clinical trials.