ProSciento has dedicated countless hours studying the effects and management of metabolic diseases. This simple resource center allows you to access pertinent information ranging from frequently asked questions to management guides. Our team will continue to do our best to further the advancement of treatment options and help you attain a better understanding of the science behind the fight against diabetes.

Asked Questions

Our highly qualified medical and support staff undergo extensive training to minimize risks for study participants. You can be assured that the following safeguards are in place:

    • We have been conducting clinical research studies for over 16 years.
    • We are compliant with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) that provides public assurance that the rights, safety, and well-being of study participants involved in research are protected.
    • Monitoring of all studies by Institutional Review Boards (IRB) that ensure ethical standards and rights of study participants are maintained for each clinical trial.
    • Emergency control systems at our facility and emergency training of our staff involved in the study.

You may receive a compensation for participating in a study. The compensation amount will depend on the length of the study, number of study visits, and additional factors. Your compensation will be available to you via a prepaid debit card that you will receive after you are enrolled in a study.

In many cases, if an individual is eligible to participate in a study, travel expenses are covered in the compensation you will receive for the screening visit. Our study participant recruiters can provide you with more information during your call.

For your safety, study participants must remain on site during inhouse stays when participating in a study. We offer twice-daily walks and entertainment options during your visit.

ProSciento will never instruct or request you to stop taking medications as prescribed by your general physician.

ProSciento is a clinical research facility comprised of a team of scientific and medical professionals including medical doctors, registered nurses, research assistants, pharmacists, and support staff

Due to the current state of affairs with COVID-19, once you are enrolled in a study and check-in for our overnight stays, visiting hours will be limited to protect the safety of our staff and other study participants.

By participating in the clinical development, you are gaining access and contributing to new therapeutics and technologies not yet available in the market. You are supporting medical and scientific progress and success, which may be of great benefit to those affected.