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Clinical research studies (also known as clinical trials) are how researchers test new investigational medicines or treatments before they are widely available to patients.

The goal of a clinical trial is to collect information on the safety and efficacy effectiveness of a drug. Every new drug or treatment must complete the clinical trial process before being submitted for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

To qualify for a study, we encourage you to sign up on our website. After you sign up, you will receive a link to our Eligibility Quiz. The Eligibility Quiz is a no-risk online assessment that will quickly let you know if you qualify for a particular research study at ProSciento. 

  1. Get started by filling out a study form on our website.
  2. You will receive a link to take your no-risk Eligibility Quiz.
  3. If you pass, schedule your call to speak directly with our team
  4. We will gather more health related information during your call. If this study looks like a good fit we'll schedule you for an in-person visit
  5. Complete your screening visit.

After your screening labs come back and everything looks good to go, you will be enrolled in paid research study!

New medical developments are always on the horizon, and participating in a research study helps bring new medications and devices to the market.


People take part in research studies every day. They make this decision because they want to explore new treatment options, have been referred by a loved one or trusted doctor, or want to contribute their time to support others. 

No, insurance is not required to enroll in our research studies. We will not request any insurance information from you during the enrollment process or during/after participation in one of our studies.

There are a few small steps to see if you might qualify for a research study!


If you see one of our studies online, you can take a 2-minute eligibility quiz to see if the study might be a good fit for you. Depending on the quiz outcome, you can book a phone call appointment with our trained study healthcare team members. Additional details about the study will be provided during your phone call!

However, if you hear about one of our studies or were referred by a friend, you can contact us directly at with your information so that one of our team members can respond to you now.

Each study has its unique criteria that medical scientists review to ensure the safety of study participants. These criteria are essential to follow when enrolling for a study because any deviation could cause harm to a participant or alter the outcome of a study entirely.


If you’re interested in one of our studies but do not qualify, don’t worry! We are constantly posting new studies and are happy to reach out to you, with your permission, if one begins that you are likely to qualify for. To set up a profile with us, you may contact us at with your information so that one of our team members can respond to you now.

Congratulations! If you passed your Eligibility Quiz, you will be redirected to our calendar to schedule a call to speak directly with our team. During your phone call, we'll gather additional health information to see if this study is a good fit for you!

Thank you for your interest! Although you did not qualify for this study, you may qualify for others that are not yet enrolling. As part of signing up, you will also receive new study alerts to let you know when a new study opens for enrollment and looks like a match for you!

There is a criteria for each study at ProSciento. Some studies have more strict criteria than others. These criteria are put in place for data and safety management before the study starts to enroll.

Although you may not qualify for a particular study, you may qualify for another. Our team works diligently to match you with a study that may be the best fit for you. 

Participant &
Study Safety

Our study participant’s safety is our top priority. 

ProSciento is a clinical research facility comprised of a team of scientific and medical professionals including medical doctors, registered nurses, research assistants, pharmacists, and support staff.

When you participate in a clinical research study, some participants will receive the study drug, while others will receive a placebo, which is an inactive substance that looks like the study drug.

This is a common practice in clinical trials to help ensure that the results are reliable and accurate.


Whether you receive the study drug or a placebo is determined by a process called randomization, which is designed to be fair and unbiased. This means that neither you nor the study staff will know whether you are receiving the study drug or a placebo until the end of the trial.

To ensure the safety of our staff and study participants, we have taken COVID-19 precautions exceptionally seriously. Safety measures instituted at our clinical research facility include:

  • COVID-19 antigen testing for subjects, whenever indicated.
  • MERV-13 HVAC airflow filtration system
  • Phone screening for COVID-19 symptoms and possible exposure the day before a study participant’s arrival
  • Daily medical grade sanitation of clinic

Each study has its unique criteria, but as a protocol, all studies require that you be vaccinated, including against COVID-19.

Our highly qualified medical and support staff undergo extensive training to minimize risks for study participants. You can be assured that the following safeguards are in place:


  • We have been conducting clinical research studies for over 16 years.
  • We are compliant with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) that provides public assurance that the rights, safety, and well-being of study participants involved in research are protected.
  • Monitoring of all studies by Institutional Review Boards (IRB) that ensure ethical standards and rights of study participants are maintained for each clinical trial.
  • Emergency control systems at our facility and emergency training of our staff involved in the study.

Compensation &

Our study participant’s safety is our top priority. 

During your participation in one of our studies, you will be issued a ClinCard. After completing all your visits for a study, the stipend will be uploaded onto your ClinCard.

Each study has its unique criteria and stipend, but most offer to cover travel-related costs upfront for eligible participants.


For those studies that do not cover travel-related costs upfront, there is the option to be reimbursed for travel up to 500 miles round trip.

The full stipend will be uploaded onto your ClinCard within one week of your final study visit.

Yes, your compensation for participating in a study will be taxed. After your participation, the appropriate tax documents will be sent to the address you provided during enrollment.

After participating, the appropriate tax documents will be sent to the address you provided during enrollment.

Enrolling in a
Research Study

Once you’ve qualified for the study and it’s a good match, we will schedule you to come into our research unit.

A screening visit is required to determine if you qualify for a study. This screening visit will include the following:

    • Providing your past and current medical history
    • A physical examination
    • Diagnostic procedures
    • Any required testing to establish a diagnosis and determine potential eligibility for research participation

No, you will never be asked to pay for study-related costs.


If you must travel to participate, most studies cover travel-related costs upfront, while others reimburse travel up to 500 miles round trip.

Research studies are not treatment programs. Study medications and devices must complete all phases of a research trial to be considered a viable treatment by the FDA.

You will not be asked to stop medications without discussing things with your doctor first.


Some studies may require you to “washout” or stop taking a particular medication only for the study, but again you will not be asked to do this without first consulting with your doctor.

Visiting hours are restricted to ensure the safety and comfort of participants.

You will not have early access to medication because you participated in its research study.


However, it is not uncommon for participants to receive updates about the progress of a study they participated in.

You will never be asked, by us or the research site, to purchase the study device or study medication.

Each study has its timeline, so the length of your participation will vary depending on which study you enroll in.


Some studies enrolling only require outpatient visits, while others require inpatient visits. There may be multiple short (for example, 3 days/2 nights) inpatient stays for one study or one extended inpatient stay (for example, 29 days/28 nights) for one study.

If the study requires an inpatient stay, you cannot leave the clinic during that stay. This is to ensure your safety and the safety of other participants.


You will be provided with amenities and entertainment options during your inpatient stay, as well as the opportunity to walk the area outside of the clinic for sunlight and fresh air.

You must start/stop using any study medications or devices as directed by the study supervisors. This means you cannot continue to take the study medication after the research study ends.


If a study medication or device completes the phases of a clinical trial and is approved by the FDA, it will likely become available on the market.

All meals will be provided if you participate in a study requiring inpatient visits.


During enrollment, please let our healthcare team know if you have special diet requirements or need specific accommodations!

Some studies will allow diet and meal restriction accommodations, while others have pre-planned menus that must be followed due to study medication or device requirements.


During enrollment, please let our healthcare team know if you have special diet requirements or need specific accommodations!

Privacy & Consent

Privacy and consent are an important aspect of medical ethics and research at ProSciento.

Informed consent involves providing you with adequate information to allow you to make an informed decision about participating in a research study.


During this process, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns related to the study. After confirming that you understand the study design, you will be asked to sign an informed consent form.

You may review our privacy policy here.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

If you want us to delete your information from our system, please send the request to, and one of our team members will complete the process.


After your information has been deleted, or if additional information is required to complete the process, a team member will contact you directly.

Travel & Study Location

Whether you’re traveling near or far, we’ll take of the travel planning!

Depending on the study, there may be options for screening visits in multiple locations while the (primary) study visits are in a different central location.


There are also studies enrolling that are outside of California. Check out our current studies here!

Most studies will cover all travel-related costs upfront if you’re eligible to participate. Other studies may offer reimbursement for travel up to 500 miles round trip.


Travel details will be provided during enrollment as part of your decision-making process.

Yes, if you’re eligible and participating in a study that requires you to travel (and covers travel-related costs upfront), one of our team members will coordinate those arrangements. After coordinating your travel arrangements, the team member will provide you with all the details for your trip.

Yes, transportation via Uber is provided and arranged by us on request. So, please let us know if you need any special travel accommodations for your screening or study visit!

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