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Prosciento- Clinical Trials and What You Should Know-v2

Clinical Trials and What You Should Know

Introduction Clinical trials are how researchers test new investigational medicines or treatments before they are widely available to patients.  People like you participate in clinical trials every day. Some because they have limited treatment options and others because they know …

Prosciento- Diabetes-v2

Diabetes: What happens if left untreated?

The Progression of Diabetes Diabetes is a progressive disease and making some simple choices can drastically change your outcome if addressed early. Ignoring type 2 diabetes is life-threatening!  Talk to your doctor and manage your type 2 diabetes to live …

Prosciento- Obesity-v2

Obesity & Diabetes: What’s the connection?

Clinical Trials and What You Should Know Obesity does increase the likelihood of an individual to develop type 2 diabetes. A common understanding of medicine is that being overweight or obese is a precursor to type 2 diabetes. An obese …

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ProSciento’s clinical research facility is located 10 miles south of San Diego’s downtown area, 13 miles south of the San Diego International Airport, and 7 miles north of the US/Mexico border.

An on-site parking lot and parking garage are available and located within convenient access to public transportation. Additional transportation options may also be available at no-cost to you.

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