San Diego is Leading in Bioscience

Bioscience San Diego: Leaders in the US

We know San Diego is a tourist destination due to its great weather, excellent food, and amazing beaches. Still, there’s a little-known secret behind San Diego’s success.

No, it’s not simply Balboa Park and its museums, SeaWorld, or the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.  San Diego is also home to some of the most well-known Bioscience companies.

Bioscience is a primary driver of the San Diego innovation economy. More than 1,225 life science enterprises and more than 80 independent and university-affiliated research institutions are located in the region.

What makes San Diego the life science capital of the US?

One of the major contributors to San Diego becoming the life science capital of the US is its foundation. With such a large number of firms and university-affiliated research institutions, it’s gained vast amounts of interest, increasing the economics of this region and, ultimately, the funding. 

We believe San Diego has reached this number-one spot for many reasons. However, here are the primary ones:

  • Lab Space – San Diego has about 18.63 million square feet of lab space, which is centered in the mid-county areas of Torrey Pines, Sorrento Mesa, and University Town Center.
  • Increased demand – The San Diego marketplace for bioscience has seen a rise in demand, with more than 6 million square feet added since 2015 and 3.25 million square feet under development.
  • Jobs – Life sciences workers make more than $92,913 per year, more than any other traded cluster in San Diego County.
  • Research Funds – NIH funding in biological sciences reached more than $817.63 million to UC San Diego. 
  • Economic Impact – Life sciences activity generates a total economic impact of $34 billion in San Diego.

When the above are combined, it generates a thriving community and economy in the bioscience sector—the reasons mentioned above are beyond expectations when compared to other regions or states in the US. 

Become a part of San Diego life sciences

Despite San Diego having many well-known and wonderful places to visit, the life science community is thriving, and people want to participate. At first, you might think this requires years of learning and certain PHDs or master’s degrees. However, this isn’t the case; anyone can help. 

At My Prosciento Study, we’re dedicated to improving the well-being and treatments of patients diagnosed with obesity, fatty liver disease, and diabetes. Our scientists and researchers are looking for help from people like you. With your participation, we can undergo important clinical research for new therapies to help those suffering from the three health conditions mentioned above. 

Your help will be noticed, too. We’ll happily pay you if you participate or refer anyone to help with our clinical research. With your help, we can improve life sciences in San Diego and, most importantly, help those with health complications to gain access to newer and better treatments. 

Join today and become a part of a brighter future

Joining the thriving Bioscience community has never been easier. Start by applying online by filling in a form that can get found on our homepage

Diversity in Clinical Trials

Why is diversity in clinical trials important?

Clinical trials rely on volunteers to take part, and it’s vital that these people come from diverse backgrounds. By including people from diverse backgrounds, clinical trials can show if the treatments are safe and work well for people from all different communities. 

Different people may have different reactions to the same treatment, based on their age, gender, weight, race, ethnicity, and other factors. 

Let’s take a closer look…

Diverse representation is key to safely bring new treatments to all.

Because individuals may experience the same disease differently, it’s essential that clinical trials include a wide variety of people based on characteristics like race, ethnicity, age, and sex. As researchers, it is important that we are committed to enrolling diverse people in our clinical trials including people of color, women, children, varying ages, with different socio-economic backgrounds and different ethnicities.   

diverse group of people

Historically, clinical trials did not properly recruit for studies by ensuring participants best represented the particular disease, condition, or behavior that was being studied. To correct this many clinical research organizations, including ProSciento, are working to put in place new standards that would guarantee equal representation for all different populations

Want to know how you could get involved? Check out our other blog posts to learn more about clinical trials and how to join or click the link below to view our current studies!